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Hello World!

My name is Rodrigo Sebastian (also known as "BudoWebs"), I am chilean Full-Stack (Web & Mobile) Developer with over 10+ years of experience developing projects for customers from different countries such as Spain, United States, Argentina, Chile, Japan, Colombia and Mexico among several others. All this in remote mode addition to advising Institutions such as INACAP.

I have developed projects directly and indirectly (through agencies) for important companies such as Heineken and Entel among the most prominent. They have also trusted me different Government Institutions whose projects have been from Web servers support (under Linux enviroment) to Web and mobile Apps Development. Among my latest projects, the creation of the Startup of translations which I developed in my stay in Tokyo during 2018.

I am also a author of themes/templates and extensions/plugins for both WordPress and Prestashop. In the same way I have programmed several apps to develop specific solutions.

Some technologies that I work with:


Web Development

Custom Website development using HTML5 and CSS3 technologies with exclusive web design on Retina display (4K). Development of websites with WordPress and Prestashop

Responsive Web Design

Web design adaptable to different mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, maintaining an optimal, clean and efficient version for computers

Web Maintenance

Web maintenance service suitable for both websites and web apps. Ideal for those who require a Developer to provide technical maintenance or update the contents of your project

Web App Development

Web applications Development of all types. From simple scripts to complete systems with databases (SQL and NoSQL). Tailored projects are developed

Web Consulting

With the "Web Consulting service" you can solve all the doubts you have regarding a new or current project. Ideal if you want to start a new project on the Internet and require a guide

Mobile Development (iOS)

Development of native mobile apps (with Swift) tailored for iPhone (according to your requirements). Mobile apps are special to improve the engagement with your customers

Why trust me?


Over 10+ years of experience developing in the web programming sector as well as a wide and continuous growth in the knowledge of tools, languages ​​and frameworks


Communication through different channels such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Google Hangout, ZOOM and also by email. With these channels, working remotely is no problem


100% Privacy guarantee in the handling of the information of each one of my customers as well as the conversations of each project while protecting its code, databases and security.

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